Thursday, July 10, 2014

Listening and Debating

This evening I've been listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn's concerts on youtube and trying to decide if I want to run a post apocalyptic game of run and gun or something more in my traditional wheelhouse. I don't know if I'm just restless right now or if it's because I want the full system for fifth edition before I start running D&D again. Then again it's probably because my group hasn't been able to get together for a minute and I'm just really wanting to kill the shit out of everything right now.


  1. Maybe it's the season.

    Ever since I ran D&D 5E, I've been unable to stop thinking up crazy game ideas. None having to do with 5E of course, but just tons and tons of cool concepts for campaigns in different genres.

  2. I don't always want to kill the shit out of things...

    ...But when I do, I get the rest of the party to do it for me.

    *shrug* I guess some things never change.



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