Sunday, September 6, 2015

So There Was This Pregnant Pause That Meant Something . . . To Some People

So, how have you been?

Really? I can't believe she said that! What did you do?

Oh? Me? Man, let me tell you I've had a busy, busy September. I helped move my brother and it was a challenging move - as all moves are - but we got it done and even though we couldn't get him into his new apartment because of a scheduling conflict we were able to help him get his U-haul loaded and the old place cleaned. Plus, it's always great to get to see him; I can never get enough of that.

Then I started a new job and it has been the best thing I've done in several years. I mean I am just having an absolute blast with no two days being exactly the same. It's made things challenging and that is just fantastic! I love challenges because it creates a situation where I can honestly say, "If it's up to be, then it's up to me," and mean it. Love, love, love that.

Anyway the new job has kind of put the blog on the back-burner this past week while I've been getting used to the new schedule. Still quite a bit of adjusting on my end but I've got some stuff in the pipeline for this upcoming week so there shouldn't be a dearth of content like you've seen this past week.

Best Reads of August (barring any unusually difficulties) should be up the week of September 12 - 18. Also, I'm getting the Out of the Abyss book! So excited!

Here's the greatest gif ever made.

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