Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February Artfest: Reckoners by Brom

Reckoners by Brom
I remember when I first started seeing the covers of those Dark Sun books back in the early nineties and I thought, what sort of hellish world am I being exposed to? Then as saw the woman in the green bikini top I thought, a fucking great world.


  1. I wanted to play in Dark Sun simply because of his art. I never really go to, but I still love the whole look and feel. I got to meet Brom at Comic Con in 1996. Very cool guy.

    1. He was cool?

      God, I'm so glad to hear that. I've been a fan of his stuff since the early 90s and I've always wondered if he would be a cool guy or a prick. I'm so glad he's righteous and not prickish.

    2. It's actually a funny story. He was sitting at a table with Terry Brooks and Bob Salvatore, giving autographs. I was in line, waiting to have stuff signed by all three of them. I noticed that no one was asking Brom to sign anything, being so focused on Terry and Bob. And before I could get to the front of the line, Brom got tired of being ignored (and who wouldn't?), so he left. I was totally bummed! Then, about an hour later I saw him walking down one of the main thoroughfares, and I stopped him and asked him to sign my sketchbook. His face lit up and he doodled a little drawing of a severed head with his autograph. I was jazzed for the rest of the day. And I think it made his day too. :)

    3. I like Brooks and Salvatore but Brom would have been the man I would want in my sketch book.

      By the way, I am so covetous of that drawing he did for you. That's something really cool.


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