Monday, February 3, 2014

February Artfest: Magical Defense by Jeff Easley

Magical Defense by Jeff Easley
Like Earl Otus, Jeff Easley is one of the most beloved artists to be associated with Dungeons and Dragons - and it's a love that is well deserved as he spent the majority of his career cranking out amazing works of art for a medium that thrived, in part, because of his beautiful illustrations.

For my first look into Jeff's art I wanted to choose a piece that exemplified why he's such a beloved figure and this picture has it all. The colors are amazing and the unflappable confidence of the wizard pushes forward the narrative. Then you look at the lycanthropes who have surrounded him and you realize that it's a false confidence he's projecting becasue while many of them are running away the one next to his exposed flank is primed to eat his heart out. 

Great place to start a love affair with an artist who can inspire your games to ever greater heights.


  1. Jeff Easley is awesome. I got to meet him at Gencon and I swear in his bin of art to buy was the original artwork for the World of Greyhawk boxed set. Too bad I'm poor because I'd own that right now if so. Anyhow...he is a classic and he's among my favorites.

    1. I found out the other day that the reason why he doesn't have a book of his art out there, like Larry Elmore or Brom, is because too much of his artwork has been published by TSR/Wizards.


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