Saturday, February 22, 2014

February Artfest: Berserker by Chris Achilleos

Berserker by Chris Achilleos
I don't play Dungeons and Dragons to imagine myself hiding in the back of the pack, hoping that the vile hordes never make it to me. I play it to the hill; climbing over the table and chucking dice at the Dungeon Master.

This painting by Chris Achilleos exemplifies how I play the game. Everything from the orc raising his club overhead to the knight leaping onto the hordes' outstretched shields just so he can be the first one to meet the enemy. I love this painting and I love this style of play.


  1. Achilleos is pretty awesome. GW was lucky enough to have him working for them for a while and his paintings were often featured in White Dwarf and Warhammer books. I am too unschooled in art to know what it is that I like about his use of color but I am always drawn to his work.


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