Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February Artfest: Jabberwocky by Rodney Matthews

Jabberwocky by Rodney Matthews
While not a part of the Dungeons and Dragons grouping that I've been running with as a theme for this month I had to add this to the group. Rodney Matthews is a phenomenal talent who can create these sort of mind bending illustrations that make you long to reread old books and go careening off into forgotten dungeons and foreboding woodlands.

And am I wrong, or is there no way in hell that, that knee-knocked little girl is going to beat the Jabberwocky in front of that pregnant tree?


  1. Always get him confused with Patrick Woodruff but I love everything I've seen of his. Great mix of psychedelia and fairy tale.

    1. He does rock. And thank you for introducing me to Patrick Woodruff. Until your comment I had never heard of him.


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