Sunday, February 2, 2014

February Artfest: Gimmie That! by Fred Fields

Gimmie That! by Fred Fields

What a great painting! The big nosed tree with its spindly arms struggling with the foolish warrior woman just tickles me. And she is absolutely a fool as it's clearly fall and she has no pants. Seriously, put some damned pants on!


  1. I'm glad he managed to disarm her. I really enjoy drinking his Angry Orchard cider these days!

    1. Really?

      I'm not such a fan of Angry Orchard. It's okay, there's just an aftertaste that seems to stick with me for way too long . . .

    2. Have you tried the ginger-flavored? That's my favorite of theirs. I HATED their cinnamon attempt.

      I also have Crispin in the fridge right now.

  2. Conan and his scantily clad women never do seem to get cold, do they? Not even in the deepest snow. Amazing.

    Fantastic picture!


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