Monday, February 10, 2014

No, no he wasn't.

Originally created by Chris Ward


  1. It's a parody of a series of Canadian Club Whiskey advertisements. Chris Ward created it - it appears his site is down at the moment but this article references it and gives him credit:

    I have found Google's reverse image search immensely helpful when I am looking for an image's source, which is how I found the creator of this image. Just something to think about! There's far too many uncredited images floating around the internet, whether through malice or ignorance.

    1. Thanks for the heads up Pops!

      I generally try to figure out who the original artist is for anything I post and give them credit where credit's due, but in this case I was having a hell of a time.

  2. I think my dad's highest level character was an 11th level fighter.

    1. Cool.

      My dad refuses to play role-playing games on the grounds that "It's all a bunch of fantasy bullshit." Then he goes back to watching MSNBC and drinking his coffee.


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