Saturday, February 15, 2014

February Artfest: Star Frontiers by Larry Elmore

Star Frontiers by Larry Elmore
I love this painting. 

Every time that I look at it I find myself thinking about what it must be like to be stranded on a world where you don't know anyone and only know that it's hostile. Hopelessness could threaten to overwhelm you but a laser has a way of keeping that fear at bay. 

Perfect piece to inspire a campaign and a lifetime of gaming. 

Your thoughts?


  1. I think that this is my favorite Elmore piece. As you say, it is evocative of the game and setting. Also, even though it includes a model pose for the woman, the pose is incorporated into the terrain and scenery in such a way that it actually feels natural. Really good work.

    1. Yeah, it's one of my favorites by Elmore too.

  2. Star Frontiers FTW! I remember getting the original box set for my birthday way back when. We had so much fun with that game, and my mom picked it up because of that painting on the box. She told me that when the store clerk showed her the "games like Dungeons and Dragons" she asked about that one. The clerk told her it was brand new, just came out, and it's like D&D, just with science fiction instead of fantasy. It was one of the coolest birthday gifts I had ever received, and that painting alone makes me remember that game, and especially my mom.

    1. Now that's the sort of story that makes my whole day better just having read it. Thank you so much for sharing it with me Jim!


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