Sunday, February 23, 2014

Marvel, DC, WTF?

For the first time in five years I'm actually able to afford a subscription to my favorite comics instead of waiting for them to show up in the bargain bin a month or two later. So I go to the websites and what do I find? Oh, I can buy the fucking digital version no problem, but want to buy it in print? Nah, Brah, that shit is for the birds. 

Just fucking give me my hard copies so that you soulless fucks don't one day decide that I don't own them and wipe them off my fucking hard drive like the apple want-a-bes you are!



  1. As you know, I read physical copies and visit my local shop once a week. But I know I'm lucky and a lot of people don't gave a shop conveniently locaed near them. I had no idea that you could no longer subscribe to physical comics from the big two.

    Try Midtown Comics from New Yirk. They offer pull-lists nation-wide and ship each with a free board and bag. Just Google 'em and you'll find the details.

    1. Wow. Apologies for the typos. I blame fat finger syndrome on my ipad.

    2. No worries about the typos my friend.

      I've actually just figured out how to subscribe to DC (they ghost the buttons on the bottom of the screen - cause the one thing you don't want to find easily is how to subscribe), but Marvel is still vexing me. I'll look into Midtown since all of my local comic shops are now dead.

      Correction, I do have a new one I'm trying this upcoming weekend, but the early reports are that the guys running it are two bags filled to the brim with dicks.


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