Friday, February 7, 2014

February Artfest: Rakasha by David Trampier

Rakasha by Dave Trampier
Dave Trampier came into the hobby like a lion drawing some of the greatest illustrations for the game and then like some sort of dream he disappeared into the world, returning his paychecks uncashed and forsaking all of us. Like so many others I miss him more every time I think about the game and about where he could have sent us had he not fled into the wilderness.

Toast Dave today and remember a man who made the Rakasha look cool and inspired us all to be better than we are.

Your thoughts?


  1. His art is synonymous with the old-school AD&D feel. I don't know if he ever realized how much he was appreciated by the readers of the monster manual and wormy.

    1. I'd like to think he did/does, but it's hard to know. He just completely disappeared from the hobby and went his own way in life. I wonder if any of us would be able to do the same thing . . .

      I suppose the thing to keep in mind is that he was, in every way, a thoroughly remarkable man that defied expectations and conventions and lived his life only as he would have it.

  2. A singular, I daresay genius, talent. Like many such, his motivations are somewhat inscrutable to the rest of us. I do sometimes wish that I could ask him "why", or that he would let someone know, but I am content to respect his wishes. Whatever else, he left behind a tremendously important and satisfying body of work.


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