Monday, September 1, 2014

Underdark Wars Starting Map

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This is the starting map for the Underdark Wars!

Due to my scanner crapping out on me I elected to modify an existing map and use it for our first game (you can see the original here). I'm sending out everyone's starting troop levels over the next 24 hours and we will officially begin the first round on Wednesday morning with the Beholders (+Anders Nordberg+edchuk sockmonkey, and tom, in that order). Since tom is connected through e-mail I'll be sending each of his Kingdom fellows his e-mail so that each of them can directly contact him; though I would ask that you guys key me in so that I can keep up with what's going on.

Good luck to all our players! And remember that we have a Google+ Community available for everybody! 


  1. Great minds must think alike and have bad scanners.

    I just posted a map, too, and had lots of problems with my scanner.

    Have fun with the Underdark Wars!

    1. Stelios it's a freaking blast and the first troops just went out! These guys are talking so much trash it's just wonderful! Not a single personal insult mind you; just the sort of beautiful "in character" trash talking that makes me wish we were all sitting around a table playing it in person!

      That's a lot of exclamation points up there. :/


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