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BEST READS OF THE WEEK! March 22 - 31, 2015

Welcome back to the Best Reads of the Week! Every week I read through more than 370 blogs looking for the best rpg related articles to bring them directly to you. This week we've got art that will take your games up a notch; factions, factions, and more factions; free stuff; and so much more! If you see a post that you like be sure and tell the author how much you enjoyed it!

If you've got any questions about this month's lists be sure and check out the FAQ. And as always, thank you for your comments, shares, plus 1s, and for taking the time to read this list. See you on the next set!

MARCH 22 - 31, 2015!

The Art of the Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Game (TSR, 1985) (Part One) by 2W2N, from the blog 2 Warps to Neptune: A selection of art from the Second Edition era of Dungeons & Dragons. Lots of beautiful pictures here that remind me why I love to pick up Second Edition books so much.

The Railroading Manifesto Part 4, Chokers; Part 5, More Chokers; and Part 6, Addendum: Random Railroads by Justin Alexander, from the blog The Alexandrian: The concluding parts of Justin's examination of one of the great boogie-men of Dungeon Mastering theory.

Factions, Reputation, and Acquisition for Heresies Without Number by +Jeff Russell, from the blog Blessings of the Dice Gods: Jeff Russell has a fascinating way of looking at the world and he alternative rules are useful far beyond their initial scope as he tends to craft things with an eye towards usefulness rather than towards system specificity. For those of you who have never read Jeff before this is a great place to jump on.

Dungeons & Drunkards Free PDF by +Charles Akins, from the blog Dyvers: A free PDF of the Dungeons & Drunkards cross blog project that featured +Jens D., +Sean Bircher, +Stelios V. Perdios and +Charles Akins. It includes new monsters, stories, and a look back at the history of drinking rules in D&D.

D&D: Add 3D Flair on the Cheap by +Marty Walser, from the blog Raging Owlbear: You say you want to put out some great 3D tiles for your games but you don't have the cash for some Dwarven Forge goodness? Has Marty got some answers for you.

House Rules - Assist Rules for Dungeon by +Johua De Santo, from the blog Genius Loci:  One of the hidden gems of playing any board game is the creation of a house rule that makes it better for your own games. This simple addition to the Dungeon game by Johua is perfect both for his games and my own.

Riding Out the Storm by +Jeff Grubb, from the blog Grubb Street: This post is actually a rejected setting from Jeff's time at TSR. For those of you who are interested in the history of Dungeons and Dragons and its various settings it is utterly fascinating.

Explorations in Chronomancy by +Jim White, from Wombat's Gaming Den of Iniquity: Sometimes the best role-playing inspiration comes from just a short bit of story that sends you off chasing down time manipulating wizards. Thank god for Jim!


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