Monday, January 26, 2015

2014 on the Dyvers Blog in Perspective

2014 represented the first full calendar year to see the Dyvers Campaign blog active from end to end; and it saw the blog actually enter into its second year of activity (my blogging anniversary is July 21). I entered into the year looking to see the blog with a few goals in mind:
  • Expand the blog's audience
  • Experiment with the blog's focus
  • Attempt to have a daily post average
  • Attempt to post daily

On the whole I did pretty well. The blog continued to see growth both in its page views and comments which saw it achieve 290,000 page views by the end of the year and over 6,500 comments. I also managed to have a daily posting average of 1.4 posts per day though that number does come with the caveat that I actually missed 110 days (with 55 of those absences coming in October, November, and December). In spite of the missed days I feel like the blog is on the right track in looking at it on through my single year view (which doesn't take into account older posts from 2013 that are continuing to achieve new views and comments).

Here's a breakdown of all this year's relevant data.

    4,634 | Total Google Pluses
    3,621 | Total Comments
116,861 |Total Page Views on Post Appearing During this Calendar Year
       551 | Total Posts Published

      26 | Average Page Views per Plus
        7 | Average Pave Views per Comment
    229 | Average Page Views per Post
    321 | Average Page Views per Day 

Creatively I wrote more short stories than ever and was able to put out a couple Actual Play write-ups that I was proud of doing. Though I will tell you that I've slowed down posting these stories - not because I've hit a creative block, but because I'm trying to make sure that I've completed the stories before I start posting them. I've also learned a lot about how to use and I'm starting to be able to do more significant actions that go beyond creating meme-ish bumpers for my posts and more towards creating my own meaningful images in a similar fashion towards collages. 

My goal for this upcoming year is to cut my missed days in half while continuing to work towards a daily posting average. I also want to see the audience for the blog continue to grow. I'm seeing trends that this is where I'm heading - especially since I've started seeing a major uptick in new readers on the blog (according to Google Analytics). Here's hoping things keep going in the right direction in this year!

A few projects I'm working on for the new year:
  • An Adventure Module
  • 2015 Great Blog Roll Call
  • Americas Campaign Setting Completed with Free PDF for everybody
  • 3 Short Stories (first one should be coming out May-ish)


  1. "Yous gotta work da shovel, udder wise it's gonna work yous."-- Some guy from Hamtramck thinking I was interested in his ditch-digging technique.


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