Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Artfest: That_Land Panel 1 (Reccuring Dream) by Pierre Ferrero (2014)

That_Land Panel 1 (2014) by Pierre Ferrero

That_Land panel 1 by Pierre Ferrero is the first panel in the larger Reccuring Dream series. Each panel in the series shows a single individual progressing through a series of events that lead to his death and his awakening in a new place, still himself, yet a stranger to his previous incarnation.

This first panel in the series exemplifies so much of why I really dig Pierre's work. The colors are vibrant and feel like I'm on the edge of a fevered dream. The lines are crisp and clean; and though you can easily tell what most everything in the image is supposed to be there is no clear hold on reality or its silly laws that will dictate what the image reveals to you. Then there are the shadows, which are only fleetingly given thought to, which seem to lend an other world feel to the overall image. 

Perhaps my favorite part of this beautiful panel is the man in the lower left-hand corner. His posture seems to foretell his future theft, which can be seen in panel 3, and the way he leers at the house whispers of his intent. Here is the main protagonist of the series and from this panel forward he directs his fate through his own actions, always making a terrible decision and forcing himself into worse situations time and time again.

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