Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Books I'm Willing to Write

I'm having a really good day and I thought it might be fun to put out some book titles that I'm thinking about writing. What I'd like you to do is pick your favorite out of the group - the one you'd like me to write - and then share your pick with the world. Tweet it to me @Thatakinsboy, or share it with me on Google+, or leave a comment here on the blog. Or do that to your favorite book publisher and tell them to hire me so I have write that shit. I'm good with either!

1. Fucking Punk Kids: A Guide for Parents

2. When I Want Your Opinion! (How to Debate on the Internet and Win)

3. Hey Girl, 12 Easy Steps to Marrying the Orc of Your Dreams

4. Pittsburgh Burns and Other Diseases I've Gotten Online

5. Speaking in Code: A Guide to for Being Lonely

6. Jim Niven and the Swollen Colen

7. The Computer that Wouldn't Take No for an Answer

8. The Stranger and Other Sexual Positions You Can Do By Yourself

9. An End to Innocence: Three the Hard Way with Sailor Moon and Shaggy

10.  The Burning Wheel or Why I Stopped Using Public Bathrooms

11. Race of Your Life: Seven Days in Southern Georgia

12. Three Days in Nashville: Explosions, Wild Animals, and Transvestites. 


  1. "swooping The

    "Swooping, The Kamikaze Story"
    (also the best answer I have ever heard during a Cards Against Humanity game.)

  2. I'd prefer if these were chapter titles in a volume titled The Value of Dyversity. Y'know, shelved in the self-help section.

    1. Okay, that's a winner right there!

    2. I have to agree with pataphysician. While they would all make a good book titles, I think chapter titles in a comprehensive volume would be fucking great.


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