Saturday, January 3, 2015

Yeah, I Said It.

I think that the day people found that they could say anything online and find like minded people shouting Amen was a black one for all of us. Now they could find a sense that their opinions and bad behavior were the consensus of the wider community simply by listening to the insular crowd with which they had surrounded themselves. After all if my friends all say that it's okay to tell a guy who's helping his disabled girlfriend he's an enabler then he must be! Telling women who like their bodies that they should be ashamed and cover up? The crowd foams at the mouth and screams MOAR! MOAR! MOAR!

Sadly morality doesn't work that way. 

See you aren't off the hook for being a terrible, god-forsaken, son-of-a-bitch because you're friends were doing it too. Nor are you absolved from your behavior because they told you it was alright to treat another human being like they were less than one - even if the person you were doing it to disagreed with you. But I don't know why I'm wasting my time thinking about these people when the truth is that right now they're so deluded into believing that winning is worth any cost. And that's the problem right there. Many of these people have locked themselves into justifying their bad behavior because they disagree with another person and winning is all that matters. Winning an argument! Online! Can you imagine that?

When you forsake all the values that you've been espousing in order to attack another human being then you've given up the moral high ground and are no better than the very thing you're railing against. You aren't a good person at that point and in adopting the very tactics that you claim to hate you've become nothing more than a morally bankrupt, hypocrite. 

You can engage your 'enemies' without becoming the same as them. You can point out terrible behavior and shame it for being so without crawling through the mud. But let's be honest with each other for a moment. At this point Jove himself could be telling these people these same things and they would whisper to each other that what he really meant was that you should refrain from using the things you 'hate' unless its against someone that you really don't like. 


  1. Sorry I have to agree with this. I seen way to many self-righteous holi-than thou social justice warriors do some of the most horrible shit on the internet. Even to the very people they are suppose to protecting because god forbid that minority and/or woman doesn't agree with your world view point.

    The funniest thing about it they are not even winning. Oh sure they got the advantage now, but the majority of people are feed up with their bullshit. There is a reason why feminism got voted as the word that needed to be banned from the internet through the Life Time magazine. Oh sure the social justice warriors manage to guilt trip Life Time to take it down, but it doesn't change the fact that the vast majority are just fed up with the bullshit. These craven little must win at all cost cowards are killing the very things they are suppose to represent.

    If they actually practice what they preach, or at least tried to be a better person I wouldn't complain. The sad fact is they are not even trying to be better people. Hell they are not even trying to disguise the fact that they are horrible people. I am not angry with them. I am just bitter and fed up with them.

    1. Why are you sorry that you agree with me? I'm confused on that phrasing.

    2. You have a point now that I am thinking on it. It is phrase I have used. Fact is I am not sorry for agreeing with you. You pretty much nailed this on a head.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on this. I agree that you nailed it. And it's stuff like this that keeps me silent unless I can post as 'Anonymous'. So thanks for keeping that open on your posts.


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