Sunday, January 18, 2015

Just a Few Quick Notes of Some Importance

  • I'm working on the next short story that I'm going to be putting up here and I've decided that for such things (and actual play reports) that I'm going to hold off on putting them up until I've got all of them written this year. It may slow down my progress on releasing them, but I think it will be nicer to not have so many that seemingly end with now where else to go. Of course this is January so I may change my mind before the year's out.
  • If you see in your traffic sources then odds are it's me reading through your blog trying to update your information for the 2015 Great Blog Roll Call. Lots of interesting statistics about this project that I'll be dropping when I finish but I can go ahead and let you know that I am officially over the 400 active rpg blogs threshold on the project!  
  • The Sin Eater project is an interesting one that sees more hits each week though almost no one else is comment on their own sins. Perhaps this is turning into a bit of voyeuristic schadenfreude? But it might be that others find it difficult to talk about their own failings and the things that bother them about themselves? Hard to say at this point but by the end of the year I expect to be able to speak more certainly on this program.  
  • Project Americas (as I am tentatively calling it) most definitely has some traction judging from the hits, comments, and Google+'s - even though tracking that last one is a bitch since the blog won't show the full amount to me anywhere but on the actual post and my Google bell isn't working very well either. Fucking A. Google launches a new domain purchasing program for blogger and everything goes to hell.
  • Also, I am not eating anything sweet before I go to bed ever again. Too many god-damned nightmares to even begin talking about. 


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