Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday Artfest: La Princesse by La Machine (2008)

La Princesse (2008) by La Machine picture by Matthew Andrews

There is nothing quite as frightening as looking at a gigantic spider. At least that's what my wife would have said before she saw this gigantic mechanical spider that was produced by the french La Machine. Now she's dead and doesn't say anything. 

It's quite sad. 

I've digressed enough. I love performance pieces of art that are capable of capturing my imagination and making me think about what's possible in new ways, and this piece by La Machine certainly does that. The boney arms juxtaposed with the mechanical underpinnings give this spider the look of something straight from my nightmares where men with bone white skin and cocked eyes ride mechanical spiders as they chase me across the crowded streets of Atlanta and no one bats an eye. I love that it causes me to flinch when I see it splayed out and that it captavates my imagination.

La Princesse (2008) by La Machine picture by Matthew Andrews

These are the sort of mobile sculptures that make me salivate as I wait for the artists to release their next project. We need art that makes us excited and that slightly terrifies us. We need to be energized and to have our hearts pounding when start trying to best something this fantastic. 

La Princesse (2008) by La Machine picture by Matthew Andrews

This is the sort of thing that inspires the hell out of me. How about you?


  1. Wait! What? Who's dead - your wife or the spider? It's not clear from the text...

    1. Sorry! The spider's dead, and my wife if she ever saw that thing!


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