Thursday, January 8, 2015

Can Anyone Help Me Find My Fingers?

Son of a bitch it's cold! I think I've froze my fingers clean off!

Doesn't that gif make you feel like a complete pansy for bitching about the cold? I mean, here I am complaining about it being -2 with the windchill and these gals are shirtless standing in front of more snow than I've seen in decades. These ladies are more man than I'll ever be and just looking at them standing there - not giving a fuck about the cold - makes me embarrassed for complaining.

Learn this lesson in life kids: Women win at everything. You're not as tough and you won't ever be.


  1. Bring them to Tasmania and we will find your fingers

    1. It's -2 here with the windchill and I'm not sure how cold it is where those girls are, but they're better men than I'll ever be!

  2. When I read the post title, and then immediately saw the picture...well...I had a series of thoughts pass through my head regarding what this post was about that were completely different from what this post is about.

    Yeah, those gals are bad ass. And the one on the left with the wool hat, and jacket is adorable.

    1. You know she reminds me of the Swedish cook from PBS. Same smile and hair but no telling if it's her or not.


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