Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Book Shelf: My Boring-Ass Life, the Uncomfortably Candid Diary of Kevin Smith -- Expanded Edition

Wake up and shit; wake up and shit; wake up and shit. These words that seem to begin every day of Kevin Smith's life during the year and change that My Boring-Ass Life covers in the director and author's life might led you to imagine that the book is filled with prosaic bits of wisdom on the best way to make that a far more enjoyable way to start your day, but you would be wrong. Instead this book is an often unflinching and demystifying look into the life of a man who has steadily overcome daunting obstacles that have stopped others before they even began the journey towards accomplishing their lifelong dreams and aspirations.

The book tends to go through cycles where at times it reads like a conversation with an old friend who's trying to quickly catch you up on everything that's happened since the last time you were together, complete with all the little vulgarities that we whisper to our dearest companions. Then suddenly the book will turn into an actual narrative with Smith telling you about Jason Mewes, his long time friend, and his heartbreaking struggles with drug abuse. Yet the book always feels like it's an intimate moment being shared between friends.

There's something refreshing in reading the way that Smith boldly lays himself bare. Whether he's taking a dump, bitching about the dogs, masturbating to pictures of his wife, or discussing the intimate moments that pass between him and his wife the book unflinchingly describes it all. What should make you as a reader uncomfortable is mollified by Smith's effortless writing style that takes even the most banal moments and makes them interesting.

This is actually the second time that I've purchase My Boring-Ass Life as I loaned out the first copy and never got it back. So when I decided to repurchase it I elected to go for the expanded edition and I have to say that while I enjoyed the additional content about Zack and Miri Make a Porno I feel that there wasn't enough new content included into the book for people who have a copy to repurchase this one. If you haven't read it, however, it is well worth picking up.

Final Score: Five President Bushes Holding their Breath in front of a Blue Sun Until Kevin Stops Making Fun of Them. 

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