Saturday, January 3, 2015

Too New for Nostalgia to Take Hold

One of the interesting things about coming into this hobby later in life is that I don't have these deep reserves of nostalgia to sustain me through the dips in quality that come along. Let me give you an example so that it doesn't seem like I'm just pontificating like some braying jackass letting the world know that I've just eaten a blade of grass. Back when I was looking at The Lost Caverns of Tosjconth I had a lot of fun discovering the differences between the two modules; however, if there hadn't been something so interesting for me to look at I would have been completely bored with the project and shelved it.

See I started actually playing Dungeons and Dragons when I was twenty-four years old so I don't have those moments when I can look back on my childhood and tell you about playing the game with my friends over in someone's den while their mother whispered seductively on the phone with the kids' newest 'Uncle.' Instead I can tell you about getting drunk while playing the game and trying to get this pretty little thing to give me her number (she did), but there aren't those fond memories of playing B2 while we were all trying to figure out the game.

Hell, in spite of my love for Basic I've never actually gotten to play the game. All of my friends were playing Third Edition (then Fourth and now Fifth) and had no interest in going back any further than Second. As for modules I don't think that even Jove himself could have convinced them to give them a chance - bunch of god forsaken hipsters!

Which is why this year I'm going to begin a journey of my own exploring some of the games that I've never gotten to play before and the modules that my friends would roll their eyes over. So much to do that I can hardly wait to get started.

365 Days of Saying Why the Fuck Not?


  1. Hell there's allot of good stuff buried back there.
    I also have boat load of stuff I never got to use.. I was running 2nd ed , and that's as far back as I could get them to go , perhaps I can do some basic this year.. Rules cyclopedia here I come.

    Great vine BTW,


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