Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kickstarter Spotlight: Pyramid of the Lost King: Adventures in Basq by Johua De Santo

If you've not heard about +Johua De Santo before this post than I envy you because you're going to get to discover one of my favorite bloggers and up and coming rpg designers. I first discovered Johua's blog, Genius Loci, nearly a year and a half ago and was amazed at how much he's able to put out. Unlike blogs like mine that tend to cover a wide range of topics Genius Loci focuses on Johua's efforts to make great adventures. His adventures tend to be loose enough to let a Dungeon Master make the most of each scenario while providing the right amount of information to keep everything feeling under control.

So when I found out about his first Kickstarter, Pyramid of the Lost King: Adventures in Basq I was really excited. I like idea behind the Adventures in Basq, a low-level sandbox where your players can really get their feet wet. The place sounds like a great place to adventure and after reading through all of his free content on the blog I can't wait to see what he can do with professional art, editing, and layout.

Best part about this project? It's already written. Check it out!

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