Sunday, August 3, 2014

Drowning in Projects, But Such a Happy Corpse You Never Did See!

So this week I'm hoping to complete the following series:

This Will End Well (three parts left to finish)
You Will Remember My Name (two parts left to finish)

I'm also continuing the following series:

And I'm thinking about starting the following series:

The Pharaoh's Slumbers, module I3: Pharaoh (eight parts)
Exploring the Hollow World: A Delve Too Deep (estimated to run 30 parts)
WTF is . . . (ongoing series without an estimated ending)

I tell you, I take off from the blog for a bit to deal with some family issues and next thing you know here I am flooding the queue with posts and striving to finish up all the projects I've been working on in an effort to satiate my own thirst to write. Just goes to show you that once I've developed a habit that I'm one to fully commit to it. 

So what are you cat's doing this weekend?


  1. Microlite20 based on a "reworking of D&D" I found on the internet.
    A remake of Searchers of the Unknown with spellcasters.
    Microlite20 based on Jeff Rients re-reading and level of spell mastery
    OSR Tinkers' Toolkit
    DMing a 5e game at a local comics store.
    Javascript effects in AZW3 formatted e-books. (I have a Paperwhite)

    I am happy to drown as well. :)

  2. Too late to answer for the weekend, but I take this opportunity to make you all possible wishes for your family. :)

  3. Developing investigation and medical/crime/law procedure mini-games.



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