Monday, August 11, 2014

Rejection of Your Evidence is Just Par for the Course

One of the things that I've noticed this morning is that there comes a point in the conversation when you only have die-hards involved. The Consultant Controversy has clearly entered into this phase as we're now seeing the limited conversation that once existed has been completely abandoned for a rejection of evidence on each side.

What I wouldn't do for a good bottle of wine and limitless time on my hands to explore this entire thing from end to end! I long for a good breakdown once it reaches its inevitable end and we move on to talking about why maps of imaginary lands aren't realistic enough!


  1. I'm with you on "What I wouldn't do for a good bottle of wine..."

    But then I got distracted and after sipping on a Rye Manhattan, I opened up a bottle of 2006 Conscilience Syrah (Falcone Vineyard) with my wife and drank that with some homemade BBQ ribs and corn on the cob.

    After that, all the f*cktards arguing about who should or shouldn't be consulting for WOTC seemed... Well.. Ridiculous.

    But I should point out I also find things like organized religion and hatred of Gin ridiculous after I've had a bottle of wine.


    1. Life is always better after drinking a bottle of wine Martin, always.

    2. Uh... Yeah! That's why I have that motto embroidered on my satin faux-varsity jacket!

      In all seriousness though... Just finishing off the bottle. Helps that the wife is a light-weight ever since having oue daughter, so she can only handle about 1.5 glasses. :)

  2. There are threads I just don't read anymore. One of those "controversies" I am not involved in so I stopped paying attention pretty early on. Lets make weird stuff to poke with imaginary swords.

  3. So... this is really funny.

    I got into one of these stupid internet arguments (sometimes I can't help myself especially when I know the other person is just flat out wrong)....

    Anyway, I tweeted the WotC team and Chris Sims himself (editor of the Player's Handbook) answered and supported my rule interpretation.

    One of the other posters commented this (I shit you not):

    "Also, why are you taking what is basically the EDITOR's word for how rules work?"

    If Jesus had a second coming and told these people they were wrong, they would have responded "You don't even work for Wizards of the Coast!"


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