Monday, August 11, 2014

Silently Hating You as You Breath Through Your Mouth


I wake up to find that our internet is off and my son has learned how to perform a perfect stiff arm. I call the provider while he runs about the living room hitting the dog with a toy golf club. He keeps screaming that the dog is bad and I smile as he does and say, You're right buddy. That's a bad dog.

Glad I wrote a post in the queue early.

I go vote and 14 of my picks win. I celebrate by drinking a bottle of wine and whispering dark secrets to the stars overhead while I read through the comments on Lord, Forgive Me. I'm Talking About Politics. Go to bed very happy and remember why I loved blogging about politics back in 2000. Sometimes I miss it and tonight is one of those nights where I trace back old arguments with friends I've long lost touch with. It's sligthly bitter-sweet but then I've been drinking.

Tomorrow will be better, I whisper to the night as the storms break overhead. Tomorrow will be better


The earth has been ravaged by a beautiful storm. The two lovers have carassed each other and torn clothing is scattered everywhere. This is a much better way to talk about cleaning up broken limbs than the actual process.
I still miss having 25 trees in the front yard and watching their limbs shake with rage at a stormy sky. 

My internet is back but I'm off on the road and trying to figure out what my lovely wife and I are going to do to celebrate her birthday. I propose hunting dinosaurs in the Amazon. She counters with Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles. 

It's her birthday so we go see the movie. I was pleasantly surprised that the movie was the best one since the original. Less things for the audience to overlook and better dialogue. Worth seeing if you're so inclined.


On the road again and chasing the specters of my youth as we cross the state for my niece's 5th birthday. My son sings gentle songs in his car seat and tells me stories in a language that I fail to recognize but can't help loving all the same. 

I pop on G+ for a little bit and begin to wonder if the people fighting over Zak and the RPG Pundit really believe everything they've written or if this has crested into an Orwellian orgy of pseudo-cultural awareness where the issue isn't nearly as important as being seen talking about the issue.

Belief is a strange thing and I find false beliefs disquieting. 

Scrolling through my feed I find myself trying to keep up with more than forty conversations at once. My wife giggles at me as I am constantly scrolling through my phone to keep up with it all. I finally put the phone down and announce, I am clearly not meant for an internet age.


Back home but I've woken up with a heart filled with rage. I'm angry at the world and angry at people I've never met for being so damned foolish. I cancelled the game of Dungeons and Dragons I had been planning on running today because I was not fit for company. 

I've started working on the first WTF article. A few things I've learned since I asked for suggestions (see Topic Suggestions for the WTF Series for more): none of the suggested topics can be done in a single evening if I want to do them justice; and I find myself appreciating Jeff Grubb more and more as the years go by. Dude's just good for this hobby.

More later.


  1. Nice and exaustive agenda of your last days. ;)

    Ah TMNT, from preview it seems much better than the previous version. I'll definitely bring my kids, but here in Italy it will come out after the middle of September.

    1. It's by far the best one since the original came out in the early nineties. Lots of enjoyable parts that the kids will absolutely love - and not nearly as many points where you have to pretend like things make sense.

  2. Re the unpleasantness over the 5e contributors -- I guess a lot of it is tribalism. Also people sticking up for their internet buddies. None of it flatters anyone involved. I know better than to get involved but could keep myself from throwing in a couple shekels on my own blog.
    The worst thing about it, IMO, is that people are starting to paint everyone on either "side" as horrible human beings -- lots of "busybody social justice warriors" versus "mansplaining cave grognards." :(

    1. Still don't understand the term mansplaining, but the controversy has most definitely become a pox on all our houses.

    2. portmanteau of man and explain ... when an uniformed guy "explains" that something is not sexist -- even though women say it is. The old 'I'm a man, let me explain this for you honey.'

    3. Oh wait, just looked it up on Urban dictionary and I've misunderstood the term. I guess the proper definition would be any time a man talks down to a woman on the basis of sexism...well close enough.

  3. See how toxic this whole thing is? I can't even talk about it without sounding like a first class doofus.

    1. I don't like it. Seems too much like a made up term that smacks of white noise.


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