Monday, August 4, 2014

Topic Suggestions for the WTF Series

I'm going to be launching a new series on the blog soon called WTF. The idea behind the series is that I will be selecting a topic and exploring what it is and how it applies either to the hobby or life (depending on the topic) in a fun and engaging way. So far I've got some topics that I already want to explore but I'd love to get some suggestions from you guys! 

Topics in the Queue (so far)

Hollow World 
The Harpers
Burning Wheel
Red Wizards
Plane of Fire
The Underdark
Baba Yaga
Dungeon World
Red Steel (Suggested by +Mark Van Vlack)
13th Age (Suggested by +Giuseppe Antonelli)
Savage Worlds (Suggested by +Giuseppe Antonelli)
 Numenera (Suggested by +Giuseppe Antonelli)
Edge of the Empire (Suggested by +Giuseppe Antonelli)
Planescape (Suggested by +Giuseppe Antonelli)
Alternity (Suggested by +Giuseppe Antonelli)
 Alma Mater
Petty Gods
Powers and Perils
Flumphs (Suggested by +Erik Tenkar)
The Love Story of Robocop (Suggested by Andrew Davis)
Traveller (Suggested by +Adam Dickstein)
Star Frontiers
Boot Hill

Anyway, those are the topics that I have currently in mind to explore. What would you like to see me dig into? What topic has always been something that you've wanted to know more about yet haven't been able to devote enough time to learn as much as you'd like? Add your suggestions below! 

I'll be adding all of the upcoming topics to the queue above to let everyone know what's coming soon!


  1. 13th Age, Savage Worlds, Numenera, Edge of the Empire (for rpg)

    Planescape, Alternity (for setting)

  2. The "Red Steel" campaign setting I have it upstairs and don't think it has ever really gotten the attention it deserves.

    I also think Hollow word is a great choice another underrated setting boxed set.

  3. Could you open it up a little more?

    From where I am sitting it reads - D&D, D&D, Something I am unfamiliar with, An interesting idea for a Medieval Fantasy system that isn't D&D, RIFTS, Something from D&D, Fire in D&D...

    WTF is, I am guessing, a series on diverse topics, eh?

    Just busting your chops CA, but seriously, maybe throw some Star Wars in there? A little Superheroes? Some Traveller? Something a little different please.

    1. :)

      I added Aftermath, Alma Mater, Boot Hill, Traveller, Star Frontier, and Mythender.

    2. You're welcome. When your note came in I was already going through my RPG collection trying to figure out which ones I hadn't ever read and those were at the top of the list (minus Mythender because it's aesthetic is fucking awesome)

  4. I think you should explore the fact that Robocop and Dino's Conan are, at their hearts, love stories. That's the kind of Love we need in the game.

    1. I added robocop and I'm checking to make sure which Conan is Dino's before I add it to make sure that I can do it justice.

  5. Pendragon?

    Also, not a system/setting, but tabletop gaming podcasts. I've seen a lot of good come out of these, but I don't think I've ever seen someone discuss them.

    1. I'll see what I can do about Pendragon.

      What do you want to know about the podcasts (it's pretty a wide topic that could take me the rest of my days if you don't narrow it down some)?

    2. I guess I'm mostly thinking of a rundown of some good podcasts (or even specific episodes), kinda like Best Reads of the Week.

      These kind of blogs are pretty interconnected and it's easy to find new ones through blogrolls and your series, but podcasts don't seem to have that same community.

  6. Those damn Modrons, or, why didn't they just let those stupid creatures just die?

  7. I know I just lost all my grogtard credentials by admitting this, but *Empire of the Petal Throne* -- WTF?

    Never played it, never even saw it except one time at a convention a dude was sort through a massive and bizarre army of figures for the wargame version of it. All I know is that MAR Barker invented it, it is non-Western science fantasy, and it was loosely based on OD&D but, depending on who you ask, better or incomprehensible.

    1. I would love to answer that but I honestly don't have access to any of the materials and the spare cash to purchase them isn't readily available right now. Have you talked with Chirine? He knows practically everything about the setting and is really a great person to talk to.

    2. Fair enough!

    3. It was probably me, sorting through my figures for a demo game at a Gen Con or Origins - most likely the former.

      You can reach me at, if you like. I'm really quite dull and boring, by the way. :)

      - chirine

    4. Not at all Chirine! You're one of the first people I check for updates!


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