Thursday, December 12, 2013

200 posts!

I can't believe that I'm already on post number 200 for this blog. When I started I had wanted to maintain a one post per day schedule, but here lately it's moving way beyond that.


And Because I like Statistics

Total Posts: 200
Total Days Active for the Blog: 145 days (first post July 20, 2013)
Post Average Per Day: 1.38
Total Views: 30,142
Average Views Per Day: 207.88
Total Comments: 377
Average Comments Per Day: 2.6

Not bad for a little blog I started to keep from driving my wife crazy with my Dungeons and Dragons ramblings. Not bad at all.


  1. Congrats on 200 posts and a sane wife! Here's to many more!
    Posts that is, you really only need one sane wife.

    1. Thank you for the congratulations! But I regret to inform you that nothing has helped her sanity, she did marry me after all. ;)


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