Saturday, December 21, 2013

Tales of Love from the Spam Bot 2

Spam gets more sophisticated as the years go by and now they not only address you by name but attempt to form a personal connection with you (read last week's Tales of Love from the Spam Bot 1). Today's wonderful addition to my collection features a little dig into my greedy, little heart.

Hello Charlie,

I got in this thing for some finances and… I’m embarrassed to say, but I traded like playing the roulette -> I ain’t got a shit!

So when I first heard of this Profitin60seconds software I was like C’mon, give me a break.


Anyway, I joined the 30-day free trial and got so much that… I wanted to punch myself in the face for not trying it earlier!

Charlie, don’t do like me
==> Go profitin60seconds NOW!
Cheers mate,
The phrasing of this particular spam is weird, to say the least, but it is endearing to my heart. After all, who doesn't want to take financial advice from a complete stranger who played the stock market like he was playing craps? 

I know I certainly do!


  1. I once got an email from the financial aid of Colonel Gaddafi (after Gaddafi's death obviously). He implored me to help him to get the eight million he had deposited in Burkina Faso. All I had to do was to pass myself as a long-lost relative of Gaddafi. I was very, very tempted to write back and see if I couldn't scambait the scammer. But scambaiting takes such a lot of time...


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