Friday, December 6, 2013

Little Boy Blues

My son is sick today and I've been working on the blog while he's laying down. Poor little guy, you know an eighteen month old is feeling bad when he grabs his blanket and follows you around the house laying down on the ground every time you stop. He's okay, just the weather yo-yoing has really kicked his butt.

Things I'm working on:

Reorganizing: Trying to clean up the blog a little bit and streamline the overall presentation. I'd like to make it as easy to explore as possible.

Wading through the Deluge: Having a blast working my way through the fifty or so blogs that have been suggested since I posted the Great Blog Roll Call. Hoping to have it completed by Sunday night with a clear listing of the blogs by update schedules so that people can find the update schedule they're looking for, not sure how that's going to work.

Looking at Apartments: I was hopeful that we'd be able to purchase our own home this year, but it's looking like we're another seven or eight years out since I've had to change jobs yet a-fucking-gain. I love traveling, but all this moving over the last five years is getting on my last nerve.

More later.


  1. Seriously - you rip on other peoples blogs from your high chair, but this is the sort of dribble your own blog contains? Good luck finding an apartment dude.

    1. Scott, if you wanted a positive review of your blog then you would have to have content on it. What you provided me was a blog that was nothing more than an advertisement and only had ten entries over the course of two years. I would have loved to give you a positive review, but you did not give me anything to work with.

      Thank you for the good luck in finding an apartment.

  2. You missed the point of my blog, or it went over your head. It is simply the host site for the magazine I self publish. Its not a blog like yours where I post all the time to it with such trivial personal info as being unable to afford a house or hold down a steady job . I see no creative content on your blog. I'll bookmark it though and leave you some more comments in the future.

    1. Scott,

      I fully understand the purpose of your blog. There is no hidden meaning, nor unfathomable depth that is being kept from anyone who comes along. I also understand that I have hurt your feelings and for that I apologize. That was not my intent when I reviewed your blog; unfortunately, it appears that my son's health was weighing heavily on me and I was ugly toward you in my dissatisfaction. I have corrected that because my intent was to send people to these blogs, not drive them away. Let us call it even before we each become real jerks and make both of us look bad driving everyone away from each of our sites.

      I look forward to any future comments you have.

  3. Ok Charles. I am sure we have more in common than to disagree about, Have a good day.

  4. Poor little boy, I hope he feels better soon. My daughter is just two months older, and she does the same sort of thing when she's sick.

    In fact even when she's not got a cold, if I sit down at the computer she is instantly there beside me asking to get "Up up up!" It's somewhat of a challenge getting things done, but I don't begrudge her for it.

    1. Is it not the best thing ever when they do that?

      Actually no, the best thing is when they laugh. I could die happy hearing them laugh on my deathbed.


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