Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Half a Billion Dollars.

The Mega Millions Lottery is set to draw tonight and the prize for the whole thing is $586 million dollars. So I want to know what the top ten things you would buy if you won (excluding paying off bills). Seriously, we spend all our time playing Dungeons and Dragons I bet that there are a thousand unbelieveably great ideas out there!

So what's yours?

--------------------------------------------- UPDATE --------------------------------------------------

The Mega Millions Lottery was just announced at $636 million. Holy fuck balls that's a lot of money. I hope I win, and if you win I hope you give me some of it! : D


  1. If a single person wins it and takes it home, they'll keep about $175M - you "lose" about half when you take a lump sum (which any sane person should do), and then about 40% more when you pay taxes. It's still a phenomenal amount of money, and the kicker, of course, is that if you can invest at a return of but 2%, you will be spitting out $9600 per DAY in interest, or $67K per week.

    Me, I'd probably try and start a real RPG company, as opposed to writing articles only for fun. With a lot of the risk of starvation taken out of it, it would be a good way to segue out of what I'm doing now.

  2. Focus on charity work, I would need to keep busy and it would be nice to put my energy into something meaningful. But in my leisure time it would be great to be able to create an ultimate gaming room a huge digital table top that interacts with minis and creating lights and fog of war and what not. Plus I could hire interns to help DM, keep the game running smooth and take good notes. It would be nice to be able to commission works, both art and adventures.

  3. For many years the #1 spot on my “win the lottery” list has been: Hire a full-time DM.

    I might have to change that to hiring two, if possible. Each DM has strengths and weaknesses, so being able to swap off means a greater variety of experiences.

  4. train to become batman in order to mastermind hostile takeover of the wotc

    1. And you win the No Prize, prize for best response of the day! Seriously, that's really funny!


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