Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Damn it 2014! Hurry Up and Take My Money!

We're less than twenty-one days from 2014 and I've already found two movies that I am going to see, a new car that I'm purchasing in February (my first ever) and a new gaming system that I'm going to be buying (my first since the Playstation 2). Son of a bitch, this is an expensive year upcoming.


  1. Oh my! I can't wait for Godzilla too! Just a few more months though and it'll be up on the big screen. Have you purchased the car that you like? Make sure to have it checked by experts regularly, Charles. This is to maintain its good performance on the road.

    Nannette Henriquez

  2. Hi Charles! So, have you bought a new car already? Is it a Subaru Forester, a Chevy or a Porsche? Oh well, I do hope you’ll spend some time to direct me to your post about it. Thank you so much! :)

    Sarah Erwin @ Baldwin Subaru


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