Friday, April 4, 2014

Answering Questions: Nick Salai (3 of 5)

[Are lawsuits] a product of our advancement or degeneration as a society?-- Nick Salai

I think that by and large they are a product of our advancement. In the old days if a corporation decided to come in and poison the town's water supply there wasn't much you could do - and if things keep going the way they are today you won't be able to do much now either. While copyright trolls, ambulance chasers, and the like are a problem there are lots of legitimate lawsuits out there that deserve to be won by their plaintiffs and it's far better that we have that option than if it's taken away from us. 

There are some real assholes out there in this world and it's no longer acceptable to just shoot them in the face because they needed killing. Now we have to hit them in the wallet, for better or worse.

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